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Having the convenience of a Broker-Dealer with offices in New York & Florida enhances our client relationships. While PRIME client services are extended Country wide with a focus on the East Coast, we believe that successful "prospective" client selectivity should focus on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, our commitment to suitable selectivity allows us to focus on providing the quality services clients expect and deserve.

The “selection process” begins with our team gathering confidential information including 3 Tests:

Test 1    ⇒     Chemistry
Do we mutually have the chemistry to work together?
Test 2    ⇒     Goals
Are your goals conservatively achievable?
Test 3    ⇒     Value
Can we add value to what you are currently doing?

 If the answer to all 3 Tests are "yes", the following criteria illustrates who we consider to be "Ideal" prospective clients: 

  • People who have established working capital (e.g., savings, CD's, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF's, UIT's, annuities, and/or IRA's, 401(k)'s, TSA's, Pensions, real estate, etc.).        

  • People who have had diverse and various financial experiences and are more likely to appreciate our level of experience and unique approach towards objective and comprehensive financial planning solutions.  

  • People who understand and appreciate the costs for benefits, services, and investment returns (+/-) received.

  • People who desire a financial planning Team (e.g., CFP®, CRPC®, ChFC, CLU , EA & Attorney) Leader that provides regular re-assurance and insight to appropriate retirement, investment, tax, estate, and wealth transfer planning strategies.

  • People who desire a maximum quality of life for themselves and/or their loved ones with the ongoing assistance of trusted Consultants.

If this “selection process” makes sense to you, call and arrange your initial complimentary and confidential "second opinion" meeting today!