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Having the convenience of a Broker-Dealer with offices in New York & Florida enhances our client relationships. While PRIME client services are extended throughout the USA with a focus on the East Coast, we believe that successful client services requires a continued commitment to quality rather than quantity of people served. Therefore, with time being a quantifiable commodity we first prioritize our services to existing clients and their families. Second, as time allows we welcome new prospective clients to embrace our "selection process" beginning with 3 essential Agreements

Agreement 1    ⇒     Chemistry
Do we mutually have the chemistry to work together?
Agreement  2    ⇒     Goals
Are your goals conservatively achievable?
Agreement 3    ⇒     Value
Can we add value to what you are currently doing?

 With all 3 Agreements understood, the following criteria illustrates who we consider to be "Ideal" prospective clients: 

  • People who have established working capital (e.g., savings, CD's, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF's, UIT's, REIT's, annuities, and/or IRA's, 401(k)'s, TSA's, Pensions, real estate investments, etc.) with Gross Estates (e.g., working capital, life insurances, & primary residence) totaling $3,000,000 or more.         

  • People who have had diverse and various financial experiences and are more likely to appreciate our level of experience and unique approach towards objective and comprehensive financial planning solutions.  

  • People who understand and appreciate the costs for benefits, services, and investment returns (+/-) received.

  • People who desire a financial planning Team (e.g., CFP®, CRPC®, ChFC, CLU , EA & Attorney*) Leader that provides regular re-assurance and insight to appropriate retirement, investment, tax, estate, and wealth transfer planning strategies.

  • People who desire a maximum quality of life for themselves and/or their loved ones with the ongoing assistance of trusted Planners.

If this “selection process” makes sense to you, call and arrange your initial complimentary and confidential "second opinion" meeting today!

*Offered through third parties