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Qualified Retirement Plan(s)

Once a plan is in place, it is not very often that business owners think about their company’s qualified retirement plan.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the administrative & management costs of our plan and are they competitive?
  • Are we fulfilling the fiduciary responsibilities to the participants?
  • Are our plan investment choices categorically diversified, independent and competitive to respective market indexes?

The answers to these questions will clarify for you Prime Wealth Management’s consultative approach with Fidelity in designing the right plan for your company.

Integrated record keeping & investment management functions encourage and support you & employees to call Prime Wealth Management and/or Fidelity for help answering questions regarding your plan details or investments.

Prime Wealth Management with Fidelity will:

  • Microscopically review your current plan to potentially eliminate inefficiencies while maximizing plan benefits;
  • Meet with your plans fiduciary(s) and/or your designated representative(s) to present out formal recommendations;
  • Organize and handle on-site implementation & enrollment phases of your existing plan;
  • Organize & manage the transition of your existing plan to your new and improved plan including on-site implementation & enrollment meetings;
  • Provide employee education sessions for existing and new participants; and
  • Offer customized asset allocation strategies & support utilizing your plan’s fund choices and/or open architecture “self-directed” brokerage options.

Thank you for your consideration as we look forward to the opportunity of reviewing your current plan!